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Hey,We are Knifever Knife!

Hey, we' re Knifever knife Online Store. 

  • Knifever is a brand specializing in producing all kinds of traditional handcrafted kitchen knives. Its product consists of W series, B series, K series, which represent warrior, blazers and knight respectively. Each exquisite knife is a perfect combination of advanced technology and manual craftsmanship, takes at least 100 handcrafted steps to complete. The knife quality shows the ultimate pursuit of culinary art of its founder, Daniel, and reflects Daniel's life attitude in pursuit of aesthetics.


  • The Founder Daniel used to work as a professional chef in US, he believes that his career as a chef is the best education to become an entrepreneur. Based on the ultimate pursuit of aesthetics, during his career as a chef, Daniel has always been looking for a knife that can make his cooking full of artistic sense, he hope this knife equipped with the ability to give all chefs the best reason to fall in love with kitchen, so he has been Learning about the ancient art of knife-making.


  • After countless design revisions, material analysis, and durability tests, the first W series VG10 Damascus steel kitchen knife finally came out. This W series has gone through more than 100 handcrafted steps, G10 nail-shaped handle is designed to meet the human hand feeling. Elegant, sharp and extremely tough, he experienced the extreme sharpness from the blade of the knife, this is the knife which can give him the best reason to fall in love with the kitchen. After that, Danielgradually developed the B series and the K series. He named the brand Knifever, means durable and long-lasting.


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1. Do you offer free shipping?

Yes! We provide free standard shipping (7-20 days) if you choose DHL is not free (4 - 6 days). When selecting your shipping method at checkout.Global coverage: Including North America (USA, Canada), Europe (France, Germany, Italy), Oceania (Australia), and Asia.

2. What is your return policy?

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3.What is the blade material of Knifever brand knife shop?

VG-10. Details can be viewed